Planet Granite

We understand having the right system is a crucial part of your business, therefore we aimed to create the system in which Planet Granite needed to improve productivity with their immense growth of the business and we delivered. This bespoke system allows Planet Granite the ability to move the majority of their business paperless.

What did we do

We always aim to give our clients the finest tailor made bespoke development which will bring their ideas to life and this is exactly what we created for Planet Granite. This system allows them to manage everything including customers, jobs, events, payments, expenses, stock and much more. This allows the business to produce reports specific to their needs, along with having the ability to control users and roles within the system. It also allows Planet Granite employees to use the system for annual leave and seeing exactly what they're doing within any given day.

With the online presence of the business constantly growing we created a content management system allowing Planet Granite to control the majority of their website, but tailored in the way the business wanted it. The fully integrated quotation form allows them to help create and adapt a better experience for customers using their website.

Keeping customers involved and creating a unique experience is a top priority for Planet Granite, therefore we developed a system in which customers are able to access information for their job online, this systems allows the customer to contact Planet Granite directly, request changes to event dates, see the status of their job and much more!

Services included

  • Web Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Beskpoke Development

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